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PPoPP 2022
Sat 2 - Wed 6 April 2022
Events (11 results)

POSTER: ParGeo: A Library for Parallel Computational Geometry

Main Conference When: Tue 5 Apr 2022 14:45 - 14:50 People: Yiqiu Wang, Shangdi Yu, Laxman Dhulipala, Yan Gu, Julian Shun

… We present \textsc{ParGeo}, a multicore library for computational geometry algorithms. We describe two of the algorithms from \textsc{ParGeo}, convex hull and the smallest enclosing ball, and present a short evaluation of all

POSTER: An LLVM-based Open-Source Compiler for NVIDIA GPUs

Main Conference When: Tue 5 Apr 2022 14:40 - 14:45 People: Da Yan, Wei Wang, Xiaowen Chu

… on NVIDIA GPUs. GASS supports all recent architectures, including Volta …

POSTER: Optimizing Consistency for Partially Replicated Data Stores

Main Conference When: Tue 5 Apr 2022 15:00 - 15:05 People: Ivan Kuraj, Armando Solar-Lezama, Nadia Polikarpova

… We present a framework that allows programmers to specify replicated data stores through application logic, data replication scheme, and high-level invariants that needs to be satisfied. From such specifications all the needed consistency …

Dopia: Online Parallelism Management for Integrated CPU/GPU Architectures

Main Conference When: Mon 4 Apr 2022 10:35 - 10:50 People: Younghyun Cho, Jiyeon Park, Florian Negele, Changyeon Jo, Thomas Gross, Bernhard Egger

… Recent desktop and mobile processors often integrate CPU and GPU onto the same die. The limited memory bandwidth of these integrated architectures can negatively affect the performance of data-parallel workloads when all computational …

FasterMoE: Modeling and Optimizing Training of Large-Scale Dynamic Pre-Trained Models

Main Conference When: Mon 4 Apr 2022 13:05 - 13:20 People: Jiaao He, Jidong Zhai, Tiago Antunes, Haojie Wang, Fuwen Luo, Shangfeng Shi, Qin Li

… imbalance, inefficient synchronous execution mode, and congested all-to-all

The Performance Power of Software Combining in Persistence

Main Conference When: Tue 5 Apr 2022 13:05 - 13:20 People: Panagiota Fatourou, Nikolaos Kallimanis, Eleftherios Kosmas

… the combiner, executes all active requests, while the rest of the threads are waiting …

TileSpGEMM: A Tiled Algorithm for Parallel Sparse General Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on GPUs

Main Conference When: Mon 4 Apr 2022 12:10 - 12:25 People: Yuyao Niu, Zhengyang Lu, Haonan Ji, Shuhui Song, Zhou Jin, Weifeng Liu

… cuSPARSE, bhSPARSE, NSPARSE and spECK in 139, 138, 127 and 94 out of all 142 …

Lock-Free Locks Revisited

Main Conference When: Wed 6 Apr 2022 10:50 - 11:05 People: Naama Ben-David, Guy E. Blelloch, Yuanhao Wei

… mode under almost all workloads, and significantly faster when threads …

POSTER: Remote OpenMP Offloading

Main Conference When: Tue 5 Apr 2022 14:25 - 14:30 People: Atmn Patel, Johannes Doerfert

… OpenMP has a long and successful history in parallel programming for CPUs. Since the introduction of accelerator offloading it has evolved into a promising candidate for all intra-node parallel computing needs. While this addition broke …

Multi-Queues Can Be State-of-the-Art Priority Schedulers

Main Conference When: Wed 6 Apr 2022 12:45 - 13:00 People: Anastasiia Postnikova, Nikita Koval, Giorgi Nadiradze, Dan Alistarh

… task removed, relative to remaining tasks in all other queues, is $O(m …

FliT: A Library for Simple and Efficient Persistent Algorithms

Main Conference When: Tue 5 Apr 2022 12:50 - 13:05 People: Yuanhao Wei, Naama Ben-David, Michal Friedman, Guy E. Blelloch, Erez Petrank

… operation throughput, by at least $2.1\times$ over a naive implementation in all